The science of the surf…

OK, going by that title, you would be mistaken for thinking that I’m some sort of ocean expert/marine specialist…

…. but obviously I’m not.

However, I have just been talking to someone who is very knowledgeable about that sort of thing, and I felt it was of utmost importance to deliver the information to you!

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New Road Rules in Queensland…

Just in case anyone has not managed to read my book, there is a particular diary entry called ‘Driving me Crazy’ – where I explain about (amongst other things) having to take the theory driving test…  and that I failed, dismally!!

Then, a few months later I got a cheque in the post from Queensland transport – reimbursement for the test(s) that I took, as I never actually had to take the damn test in the first place – just simply change my UK license to an Aussie one within 3 months.

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All Fired up….

Saturday night, while I had just donned my pyjamas and removed my contact lenses in favour of my thick and unattractive glasses, suddenly turned from a comfy night in front of the TV, to an action packed adrenaline rush of madness.

No sooner had I got the children in their beds, than I received several text messages from my friends… telling me to look out of my window… So once I had unpacked the dishwasher, clipped my toenails and organised the washing for the following day… I thought I would take a look. Continue reading

Coming back home…

Having had time to breathe now that I am back from all my various trips; I really wanted to reassure my fellow Poms about the strangeness of homesickness and the cruel way the mind can play tricks on you.

I have been back to the UK since living in Oz a few times now and every time I go, I make sure I take an extra suitcase for the NEXT sales; salt and vinegar square crisps; galaxy chocolate and for other luxuries that I have missed since living in Oz.

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Flying visit

Thanks for all your patience over the last couple of weeks.  I had a rather urgent visit back to the UK and having arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning, we are off again tomorrow to visit project 1770 (a little town in Queensland).

Just going to leave you with a mug-shot of me and some other Aussie Authors who were mingling at a local book signing a couple of weeks ago.

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Australia & New Zealand Magazine article – Open Season

G’day everyone! (did I really just say that?)

I am posting my latest article on my blog this week, it has just been published in Australia & New Zealand magazine, over in good old Blighty…


At the end of the week, I’m going up north to visit the Town of 1770, the second landing point of jolly old Captain Cook and his crew of scurvy-less men.

So if I don’t get chance to blog-on again, I will tell all next week about my adventures…. good, bad and no doubt downright weird!

Have a great Monday x