Happy EOFYS everyone!


No, I’m not going mad again – this is quite a common Australian phrase at the moment.

It stands for End Of Financial Year Sale.


Not really, the Australian financial year runs from July 1st  to June 30th – so great savings can be made on hundreds of goods at the shopping centres.

Ok, so maybe it is just a ploy to get everyone out there spending money – but who can resist a bargain?

When we arrived in Oz – it was coming up the EOFY so we were thrilled to find that all the furniture, electrical goods (and even the car we wanted!) was on sale… what a stroke of luck, seeing as we had stupidly given away most of our worldly goods before we left – to vulture-like friends.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that quickie with you – I’m now off to Channel 7 to talk about the absurdities on TV…(not related to this blog topic – more on that one next week!)

But I could be gone a while….

Have a good week, celebrate in style and buy some electrical goods…


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