Help!…I’ve been taken hostage…

Zumba on the Sunshine Coast

Caught in weird gravitational pull... Hayley, Mix FM roadie and me.

I know… when I looked back at my blog I could hardly believe it myself…

FIVE months have passed since I last sat down and wrote a post

Where have I been?  What on earth could have kept me away from the keyboard of sanity that I had kept within arms reach for so many years?

Had I been abducted? Was I simply being lazy? Or was I trapped under something heavy and desperately trying to reach the laptop…?

Nope, it was just because of one word…


Yes, I was shoe-horned away from the confines of my study one day by a dear friend who had noticed that

a) I had become somewhat of a recluse

b) Become so horribly pastey through lack of sunlight that my skin had turned a grey, translucent shade

and c) fat.

In fact, if you cast your mind back to those Miss. Marple programmes in the 80’s, I looked like one of those unfortunate victims that had been dragged out the Thames after several days.

So, kicking and screaming I was taken against my will to my first Zumba class in Maroochydore…

And after the first 15 minutes, I was totally hooked.

I left all my inhibitions behind me… I danced the salsa, merengue and some type of hip-hop movement till I could physically dance no more, and loved every minute of it.

Once a week soon turned into twice and before long I was searching youtube clips so I could gyrate in the comfort of my own home.

So obsessed was I, that I signed up for the instructors course in Brisbane… so I could teach my own class!!

And yup, here I am today… writing by day, teaching Zumba by night… 3 nights a week, in little country towns around the Sunshine Coast, were the ladies go wild for it!

So, please forgive me for not posting earlier…

but it really was an itch I had no idea I had to scratch!


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2 thoughts on “Help!…I’ve been taken hostage…

  1. Hey Vicky, So weird as I hadn’t checked out your blog for a few months as we have been so busy building our gorgeous new life here so glad I hadn’t missed loads of entries! Zumba is so cool – good luck with the classes. xxx

  2. Oh really its all about zumba!. I do love zumba too.

    I am really happy on taking my zumba class. Well I can say that “fun” is their signature .It’s true that The Zumba moves are Sexy, raw, and fun, and once you get the hang of it, you’re definitely going to want to share it with a friend and I have already shared it all over the place!.Thanks for sharing!

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