Ho Ho Ho… Merrry Christmas!

Yep, I’m at it again, going completely loopy…. you may think?

But actually there is another phenomenon that you Brits need to know about – before you leave the shores of Blighty.

Christmas in July.

No, I’m not making it up, it is an actual bona fide tradition that the Aussies do.  And to be quite honest, after I had finished mocking it for being utterly ridiculous, I realised it makes total sense.


Imagine Christmas day, everyone has been out for a swim in the pool, or just got back from a quick dip at the beach, while you have been out the 15lb turkey has been roasting away in a sweltering oven. It is difficult to muster up any enthusiasm to prepare the roast potatoes, parsnips and other delicacies, such as pigs in blankets, when the sweat is dripping off the end of your nose blending nicely with the rosemary and herb basting on the turkey – so you decide to put the air conditioner on.

After a few hours, the house has cooled to a much more comfortable level and you happily dig into your sumptuous Christmas dinner, followed by a steaming hot figgie pudding and brandy custard.

But why put yourself through it??

The cooler temperature in July is crying out for comfort food and who wouldn’t want a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings when you don’t have to be hyperventilating to make it?

So once again, I have to say ‘good on ya, Aussies’ for starting another wacky but fun tradition.

….Now if only we could get hold of a ‘Marks & Spencer’s butternut squash and leek roast’,  we’d be sorted.

Have a great week and Happy Christmas. x


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