Australia & New Zealand Magazine article – Open Season

G’day everyone! (did I really just say that?)

I am posting my latest article on my blog this week, it has just been published in Australia & New Zealand magazine, over in good old Blighty…


At the end of the week, I’m going up north to visit the Town of 1770, the second landing point of jolly old Captain Cook and his crew of scurvy-less men.

So if I don’t get chance to blog-on again, I will tell all next week about my adventures…. good, bad and no doubt downright weird!

Have a great Monday x



Australia & New Zealand magazine article…

Hi… again,
I forgot to mention about my new article that has just been published in the fabulous Australia & New Zealand magazine



Click below to read ‘A home to roost’ on PDF…


Also, you can check out the magazines website 

…and now have a good week!