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As I may have already mentioned (!) this book has come about due to a demand for more and more knowledge about the process of emigrating…. Brits are literally chomping at the bit to try a new life Down Under! And, yes life in Australia is truly a fantastic experience.
I have learnt first hand the series of unexpected peaks and pit-falls that life in a new country can offer. Having read almost all the books and information available to me before we made the move to the other side of the world, I thought I would make the transition easily – especially given that we speak the same language and that the culture is very similar.
Unfortunately though, there were many situations that caused me to stop dead in my tracks, differences I would have been oblivious to, had I just been visiting on holiday….

Initially it is highly amusing to mix up your thongs with your flip-flops and to search for Manchester in a department store, but when you want to sign the contract on a tenancy agreement and you still aren’t sure why you would want a SLUG in your home, it gets a little tiresome.
So basically, the aim of┬áthis book is to let fellow Brits be aware of the phenomenon known as the ‘To and From Pom’. To make clear that living in a land full of clear blue skies, beautiful beaches and spacious living isn’t always a Utopian existence, especially when you are feeling homesick and all you want is a bacon butty and a pint of ale!

Getting through that first year of highs and lows is vital; you will need all the help you can get. So I have also provided a chapter of inspirational true-life stories, from people who have either given up too early and gone back – only to find that the ‘happy’ former life was exaggerated in their memory. And others who have worked through their homesickness and come out the other side, utterly relieved that they gave it a ‘fair go’.

Didgeridoos & Didgeridon’ts is available online at
TESCO, WHSmith, Borders, Waterstones and Foyles.


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