Testimonials from Top Peeps

“A Superb guide to everything a Pom needs to know about this huge island! They may look the same, speak roughly the same language, drive on the same side of the road and claim to play cricket as well as us, but there’s an entire minefield of potential slip-ups here in Australia. Didgeridoos and Didgeridon’ts unravels tham all from tax to travel, sayings to sport and shopping to sickness. By the end of it you may even understand Aussie Rules Football… in fact, no way bro!A must read for anyone considering relocating or those who are already here”
Ben Southall,
Winner “Best Job in the World” Island Caretaker – Queensland Ambassador


“Vicky Gray leaves no grey areas in this solid, practical and personal how-to book on how to emigrate to Australia. With her wicked sense of humour, a real knack for noticing things and her accessible writing style, this is the only book I’d buy if I had the good fortune to be under 45 and could move there myself.”
Jo Parfitt,
Author of 25 books, writers’ mentor and speaker – Sharing what I know to help others to grow
Summertime Publishing

“Congratulations Vicky Gray.  Your book combines priceless how-to advice with a wealth of real-life learnings that could save many Brits a painful experience in paradise.  This book is exactly what Her Majesty ordered.”

Andrea Martins,Director & Co-Founder ExpatWomen.com

“Don’t want to stick out like a brand new expat? Didgeridoo’s and Didgeridont’s gives you the lowdown on life Down Under that you won’t get anywhere else. A British expat, Vicky Gray has written an entertaining and informative book that includes diary entries, top tips, and official statistics, delivering what you really need to know about life in Australia. Whether you’re thinking about relocating or just visiting, if you only read one guide, make sure it’s this one!”

Toni Summers-Hargis

Author : Rules, Britannia & The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States


“A highly amusing and well-organised book, written by an British expat who has experienced the emotional rollercoaster of migrating to Oz first-hand, Vicky Gray’s wry look at the highs and lows of building a new life Down Under offers all kinds of useful ‘insider’ knowledge, tips and facts. With this invaluable guide to hand, any would-be escapee will be armed and ready for that first year Down Under.”

Joanne Mullen, editor
Australia & New Zealand magazine


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