Mother’s Day in MAY!

This weeks blog is dedicated to all the mothers of children who are living over here in Oz….

Please don’t feel rejected by your heartless children on Mothers Day back in March, when your gift or card didn’t arrive… it’s simply because the UK and Australia celebrate this occasion on different days.

So we are sorry that you sat gazing at the letterbox, awaiting the gentle landing of your Mothering Sunday card onto the hall mat…

… or if you watched eagerly as the Inter-flora vans floored it past your house – with no intention of delivering even a wilted gladioli.

It’s not that we didn’t care enough to send you flowers or cards.

Its just that we totally forgot!!

Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in Australia – and it is hyped up to maximum proportions with TV commercials egging everyone to ‘treat mum to a brekkie at McDonalds’ , ‘take mum to KFC for lunch’ and ‘Don’t let mum cook dinner – go and get her a Whopper at Hungry Jacks’

….is it just me, or on Mother’s Day, sitting in a fast food joint with my elbows nestled in the last customers tomato sauce spillage with my feet glued to the floor by various sticky solutions, isn’t my idea of relaxation.

But after being woken excitedly at 5.45am to open three homemade cards with green dried pasta sellotaped furiously into heart shapes; a baked bean tin with a small shrub growing in it and a Dustbuster…

…How could I be so selfish??

So a compromise was met, brekkie at McDonald’s then later in the afternoon, a picnic up in the hills – to watch the sunset over the Glasshouse Mountains.

Beauty on Mother's Day

Beauty on Mother's Day

How romantic…

…it could have been, if  I hadn’t been wiping tomato sauce of my children’s elbows and standing in sticky puddles of our own spilt lemonade.

Never mind – it’s more than my own mum got back in March…. OOPS!


I’ll leave you with this newsflash which has just been released in the USA;  you are about to find out who is officially the best Mum in the world!..

(One more thing, don’t forget – Father’s Day is in September!!)

Have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day in MAY!

  1. Funny enough, in the States, we celebrated Mother’s Day in May, too.

    Fortunately there was no sticky shoes or tomato-like elbows. 🙂

  2. Oh, thanks Penelope, so it looks like the Brits are in the minority!

    How about Fathers Day, its in June in the UK, when do you celebrate it in the US?

    (Did you check out that link on my post? – you can customise it to send to your friends, how hilarious!)

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