The irony…..

So after all the many months (actually, years) of research, interviews, liasing with government types and tracking/hunting down a publisher who was actually going to give me a ‘fair go’….. my book was released this week!

How utterly ironic then, that I have had to recover from jet-lag in the same week…..

I have been waiting for this moment ever since I first arrived in Oz and got wholly perplexed with the Medicare system and it’s bulk-billing-thingy and after taking the theory driving test… when I didn’t need to! AND failed consistantly, among numerous other discouraging episodes… I thought there really should be a book about this.  

So my excitement has been slightly blurred, as although I am extremely proud that I have actually acheived an actual published book, the problem has become that in my tiredness – reality and dream-like-coma seem to be fusing together.

Conversations with Richard and Judy about the book becoming one of the best guides on moving to Australia, with a comedy TV show bringing up the rear…

And phone calls in the middle of the night, telling me that the book has just topped the Amazon best seller list…

Can be a little disappointing when you wake up.

But, fortunately as the fluid in my middle ear becomes a little more balanced and the jet-lag slowly eases away, so does the need for napping at various times of the day.

Thank-you for sharing my thoughts of the day, I am going to carry on with real marketing stuff………. ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz

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4 thoughts on “The irony…..

  1. Thanks Suzer!

    Hope you enjoy it, I’m getting some great reviews, so hopefully it will be an asset!

    Are you moving over to Oz or are you already here?


  2. Hi- very spooky – but was browsing through Amazon for books on OZ as we are waiting on our visa to move to Perigian Beach and the title of yours caught my eye! It arrived yesterday and I read it cover to cover (my husband has been testing me this morning!). Absolutely loved your style of writing and the fact that you too were in love with the sunshine coast was so inspirational! So here I am now enjoying your blog and feeling even more hopeful that we will be granted the priviledge of moving there!


  3. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the great feedback about my book!
    Peregian Beach is a beautiful area, I think you really have picked a winner.
    If you do encounter any problems with your visa application, I know a fantastic migration agent (Grahame Igglesdon – Concept Australia). If anyone can get you out here, he can!

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need to know anything when you first arrive, it’s a pleasure to help out.

    Thanks – and good luck with the move

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