Australian Citizenship Ceremony

“Australians all let us rejoice”

Yep, we certainly did rejoice!

As of last week, our family became Australian Citizens…. and what a fantastic day it was.

We were lucky enough to have slipped into the last ceremony of 2009, which also happens to be the year that Queensland clocked up it’s 150th birthday – a double excuse for a celebration.

The ceremony was quite an occasion, with close to 300 people becoming citizens together, including 2 of my very dearest friends, all pledging our Oath to the Australian way of life.

Gina, Vicky and Sam - new Aussies!

Once the formalities and the official presentation of the certificates, flags and small native plants (?) were given, we were invited to gorge on a rather lavish morning tea (complete with Anzac biscuits and lamingtons) under the shade of the swaying palm trees.

Then, when we had exhausted the nibblies and forced the Deputy Mayor into posing for/taking photos of us – we decided to do the respectful Aussie thing – so we headed down to the beach for a barbie.

Deputy Mayor Cr Tim Dyer... and me.

It was a wonderful afternoon, only slightly marred by my friend’s 4 year old daughter who came screaming out of the sea with an enormous Blue bottle jelly fish wrapped painfully around her leg – but in true Aussie fashion, she soldiered on after the initial shock and shaking fits had worn off. Then we all enjoyed an afternoon of sausages, kebabs and prawns the size of a size 5 thong.

I have to say I feel mighty proud to be a semi-true-blue Aussie…. in a very English way.

…”In history’s page let every stage – Advance Australia Fair”

For more information on Australian Citizenship, check out 

Merry Christmas to you all – hope to see you over here soon.


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6 thoughts on “Australian Citizenship Ceremony

  1. Ha ha.. yeah, well I do try and join in with the lingo – although I’m not sure I’ll ever shake this Northern accent!

    Keep up your blog, it’s great to read all your inspirational adventures.

    Have a happy and safe a New Year xx

  2. Congratulations! That is really good news for your family. We arrive on 14th jan and are in the final stages of emptying out the loft and packing which isn’t being helped by the huge hangovers from New year! I keep bursting into tears alot as well which I am hoping is a normal reaction and not a bad sign! Can’t wait to be in the sunshine…….freezing snow and ice in Essex! xxx

  3. Oh Liz …. not long now – you must have so many mixed feelings.

    I think if you weren’t having moments of fleeting sadness, that would be more abnormal – After all, you are taking all you know and moving it to the other side of the world… you are bound to feel a little anxious!

    Just remember it’s the first 6 months that are the hardest, after that you will begin find your feet and as long as you embrace Australia for what it is (a big, beautiful, healthy sunny and wonderful country) you’ll soon feel right at home.

    Dont’ forget to keep in touch when you get here… and good luck. x.

  4. Congratulations Vicky, that’s a very proud moment! Love the Lamingtons and Anzac reception (and the Deputy Mayor is a bit of alright too 🙂

  5. Ha ha… isn’t he just! PLUS he had just been involved in road traffic accident moments before he arrived – so if that’s what he looks like stressed….?!!

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