Being Jo Parfitt

Hooray! The new and incredibly shiny second edition of Didgeridoos and Didgeridon’ts has arrived!

So I thought I would celebrate with a new photo of myself with my new book, in an author-y fashion…

Many years ago, I remember a seeing a photo of Jo Parfitt (now my publisher, would you believe!) and she had this super photo of herself, peering up from behind a book – back then I thought, “if I ever get a book published, I would love a shot like that…”

Here’s Jo…

So, armed with a freshly unwrapped book and my iphone, I set outside to get myself that Jo Parfitt shot.

My excitement soon waned when I realised that doing a ‘selfie’ is not the best look, unless you’re 15 and doing it for Facebook.

I tried to get my four year old to have a go, but he got side-tracked by the Angry Birds game on my phone – so I gave up.

However, I decided to share them anyway…



Hmmm, not exactly Jo Parfitt….

If any of my friends would like to meet up and help – I would appreciate it!



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3 thoughts on “Being Jo Parfitt

  1. ha ha ha You just made my day! I like the first two but the third one might get you arrested. 😛

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