isnack 2.0-dear

Oops, looks like the chaps at Kraft have made the fatal blunder of listening to their teenagers thoughts on naming the new cheesy-spreadable vegemite.

Call me old fashioned, but why on earth would they feel the need to add cheese anyway?

Mind you, I have to say it seems to be quite the thing here – to add cheese to perfectly acceptable products. Take the humble can of Heinz spaghetti for instance…

Ingredients: Spaghetti (55%) (water, wheat flour), tomato sauce (45%) (tomatoes, sugar, salt, cheese, spice extract, natural flavour)

Did you spot it?.. Well, it doesn’t stop there, also sitting on the shelf is a ‘spaghetti with cheese’; a ‘spaghetti with extra cheese’ and of course the ‘spaghetti with added calcium’… which is actually even more cheese. Soon they will be selling cheese with added spaghetti… I can feel my celulite molecules puckering up.

So I think I’m going to stick with my original Vegemite, and if I decide I want to add cheese, I will damn well do it myself… I’m not that lazy – yet.

But I will just spare a thought to the poor guys at Kraft, how awful for them to have such massive media attention – just what a huge corporation who were trying to market a new product didn’t need, hey?


Have a great week x

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3 thoughts on “isnack 2.0-dear

  1. Hi Vicky

    Getting quite concerned about your health now – not only have you been breathing in smoke and dust this month, now you will be eating lots of mucus forming dairy products! I hope you will still be breathing to write up more of your Aussie Adventures for us poor people still stuck in UK ( Ha, not for much longer though!!).

  2. You’re right Liz, It does sound like I’ve been through it lately. I think I will turn vegan for the next month – that ought to clear any congestion build up!

    How’s all your plans? Sounds like you may be here soon, eh?


  3. Hi
    Yes our flight leaves on 12th Jan !!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhh. Take it is normal to completely flip out at this point? We are still both working full time and with 2 kids trying to arrange shipping, insurance, rent house, sell cars, wind up businesses etc…. think we will just get to Peregian and collapse on the beach for a month!.
    Totally got my head around the big spiders thing now and held a tarantula this week – so I am prepared for the aussie wildlife (hopefully!)

    Love reading your blog. Thank you for your humour and inspiration.
    Liz x

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