The road to non-splitting pants…

Following on from last weeks post of “Australia has made me fat”… I was curious to watch a movie I had seen floating around at work, and then again in Woolies by the fruit and veg section – I saw this as a sign, so I popped into Blockbusters and sat down for an evenings viewing of “Fat, Sick and nearly Dead” – (light entertainment?)

It’s a true story about an overweight Aussie chap who had suffered with skin problems for many years, and wanted to get off medication and just become healthier… or he’d die – in a nutshell.

So he starts a whole new way of eating…. or actually not eating, just juicing.
Juicing only fruit and veg for 60 days – and the results were incredible!

So, out I rushed to Harvey Norman to get…. this!


Next I dropped into ‘the fruit factory’ to get this…..


So for a whole week now I’ve been mixing up broccoli, spinach, beetroot, carrot, pear – you name it, I’ve juiced it.

For Breakfast…



Mean, green raw stuff..





Carrot and apple Coolio...

…and dinner.


Beetroot, parsnip and pineapple Boost



I have to say, after the first couple of days of feeling like my throat had been cut, I now feel fantastic – vibrant and alive…!

The only downside to this super-healthy way to live, is that the invites from friends has slowly decreased…
Could it be that it’s because winter has finally kicked in?

Or it could be because my breath is like fermenting compost….?



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