‘Vicky’ Uncovered…

Now it’s not that I entirely blame Australia for the fact that I’ve gained a few pounds, however over the years it does seem to be the case.

Only last week I bent down at my son’s daycare to remove a sticklebrick that had become wedged between his foot and his thong, when I heard an almighty RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPPPP…


I've spared you from the original photo of when I was in them, which I think you would thank me for.

Luckily the room was full of distracted parents chatting about sleep patterns and vegetables – or whatever good mothers talk about, so I was able to back out of the building with my bag firmly hiding my open seat.

But the point I’m leading to, is that Australia really does have to take some blame – it’s now firmly into autumn and the weather is still so darn good that we are forced to take advantage and have social gatherings every weekend. last week we had an Italian night, tonight we’re off for a barbie and next week is picnic takeaway on the beach… no wonder I’m busting out of my clothes faster than Lou Ferrigno.

Tune in next week…. as I have a cunning plan to banish my barbecue blubber….

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2 thoughts on “‘Vicky’ Uncovered…

  1. Thanks Andrea!
    Yes, I like that idea – worn out pants sounds much better than my bottom trying to burst the seams…

    Perhaps I’ll re-post!

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