Cherry Blossom Tree

Sushi on the Sunshine Coast

After a busy week at work; helping hubby with his carpet cleaning business; amusing two small children on Easter hols and trying not to throttle our teenager… Mr G and I had a wonderful relaxing evening on our own at the Cherry Blossom Tree in Maroochydore…

Although the Cherry Blossom Tree has been a regular haunt of ours over the last few months, we usually arrive to a queue of people – and patiently wait in line… which we never complain about, as the sushi is without doubt the best in town.

Tonight however, was different. We were there at 9pm, so most people on the Coast are tucked up in bed ready to start their ridiculous exercise regimes at 5am (see earlier post!)
…so we chose our seats thoughtfully, enabling us to people watch and pounce upon the sushi train at the same time.

As the prize-winning sushi chefs chopped, diced, rolled and blow-torched the little seaweed pouches, Mr G and I leisurely delighted in plate after plate of rice and raw fish.
My absolute favourite just had to be the lobster salad sushi… with lobster and flying fish roe…. dribble.

We were almost the last people at the restaurant, but we didn’t feel hurried to leave. So once we had filled up to an uncomfortable level, we contentedly left… and made our way over to the movies, to use our cheap tickets that also bought from the restaurant.. a perk for spending over $20!

We’ll be back, very soon and I have my eye on that platter…


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Noosa International Food and Wine Festival

The Noosa International Food & Wine Festival has emerged as the most highly regarded culinary event in Australia. Over 200 of Australia’s most respected and gifted chefs, winemakers, foodies and media come together to share their talents and style at the Noosa International Food and Wine Festival.

Mother’s Day in Australia – in May… errr again?

I’d just cracked my knuckles and sat down at my desk all ready to deliver a new post dedicated to Mother’s Day.. Yet as I started writing… something seemed strangely familiar…

I soon realised that I’d blogged about Mother’s day being in May in Australia about three years ago – so I went into my archives and retrieved it.

What I didn’t expect – was for me to burst out crying…

Of course, three years ago, I’d written about my own Mother not getting her Mother’s Day gift in March, due to me being in Oz and totally forgetting the whole March/May Uk/Oz thing…

However, the reason I started blubbering all over the keyboard, was because my mum died two years ago.

It made me remember how precious the moments we have with our Mothers are – and it’s for that reason that I’m going to re-post that blog…

… and I hope my Mum knows (wherever she is) that she was an inspiration to me and I love her very much.

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