moving to Australia

Snakes putting you off moving to Australia?

Thinking about moving to Australia?

Sorry, just couldn’t resist!

BUT after living here 7 years, I’ve only come across two semi-scary snakes and they soon bolted when I went near them – even the one with venomous goo dripping from its fangs.

So I’ll set you straight – snakes are not a valid reason to avoid this wonderful country.

…But crocs n spiders…?


Holidays in Australia – Tangalooma Island – Gray’s invasion

I know Christmas is just round the corner, but if you can find a spare 5 mins.. Have a read of my latest article about our escapades in a tropical paradise…

Sun, Sand and Fun! at Tangalooma Island

(It may take a few moments to load – or not – depending on how many teenagers are downloading stuff in your house)

Published in the latest edition of Australia and New Zealand Magazine –  Click here for more info on Tangalooma Island

Have a wonderful day 🙂